Workshop on Soft Matter Self Assembly and Dynamics

January 9-10th 2014

Hyderabad Central University and the TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences are pleased to host a workshop on soft matter on January 9th and 10th, 2014. The conference will be held at the CR Rao auditorium at HCU. Soft matter is now a broad discipline, with roots in material science, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. The focus of the 2014 workshop is assembly and dynamics. Assembly is driven by a host of different interactions, sometimes in delicate balance with thermal forces, and sometimes far out of thermal equilibrium. Usually, there is a mesoscale structure which leads to associated slow dynamics. The mesoscale structures may be emergent, as in the case of glasses, or be a building block of the system, as in the case of foams, emulsions, colloids and grains. A theme of the workshop is to explore the interplay between these slow dynamics and lowlying structures.